The mask with a microphone to receive phone calls

N95 mask with microphone

The world is being affected more and more by the novel coronavirus. people are using the mask to protect themselves from the virus. So, Now, an advance designed N95 mask with a microphone is lunched for the easier to use or managed phone call in this situation.

WHO says, it is necessary to use Mask, sanitizer, and glove. The leading companies are the most useable designing useable mass on this situation

N95 mask with a microphone.

The product is launching by the tech companies at a starting price of $49-50 and it is very safe for a personal conversation.

It is designed with good battery backup. It can easily use more than 24 hours after a single charge. There are some buttons where pause and play, decrease, and increase volume easily.

This N95 mask is compatible with the voice assistant function. So, it can control smart home appliances as well.

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