Salman Khurshid, Congress, and the Devdas syndrome

alman Khurshid, Congress and the Devdas syndrome

Congress and

That the Lok Sabha election effect arrived on the scene. In a CWC meeting, Rahul Gandhi wanted to measure Congress president two days after. A two and a half a year leadership vacuum followed Sonia Gandhi stepped as an interim president. Five weeks into it’s time to get a fresh form of gathering elections that are major. And instead of pulling itself up the party is still within hand-wringing that is endlessly mourning.

Party elder Salman Khurshid claims the party’s largest problem is that”our pioneer has recently now walked off… Sonia Gandhi stepped, however, there’s more than the indicator that she’s treating herself because of a stop-gap arrangement. I wish it was not so.”It’s tough to romanticize that the Devdas syndrome at the center. While BJP forges ahead with attempts in Haryana and Maharashtra, Congress says that its own celebrity campaigners’ list is going to probably be headlined by Rahul Sonia and Manmohan Singh, however using places and dates inside the works. The rivalry that is healthy is a necessity for democracy.

Which means this condition of events from the top opposition party of the country can be an underlying reason for anxiety. All over again we have to highlight that believing beyond the dynasty can be a requisite for the Congress party.

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